Easy English

Easy English




Easy English is an inclusive way of presenting written communication to ensure that it is accessible to a wide range of people, including those who may have communication challenges.

This full day of practical training will provide you with an introduction to the basic skills in writing documents in Easy English and techniques to make your written language accessible.

Each workshop participant will work through a document of their choosing and develop it into Easy English.

A workshop book, Easy English Style Guide: Clear Written Communications, will be provided to each participant.

Workshop content includes:

  • what is Easy English and who is it for?
  • difference between plain language and Easy English
  • using our Easy English Style Guide: Clear Written Communications
  • the importance of consumer testing
  • why communication needs to be accessible


Morning and afternoon tea and lunch will be provided. Please advise us in the ‘other comments’ box on the registration form if you have any dietary requirements.


$390.50 (inc GST) per participant