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Your EXPAND Program will include:

  • Introduction: Learn about the purpose of The EXPAND Program and the concept behind it’s design as an online time-limited program.
  • Module 1 – The Basics: Discover the basics required to make AAC work within your family/environment and how to establish good habits with modelling.
  • Module 2 – Quick Chat/Common Messages: We will provide you with a discussion about the importance of these “swiss army knife” style words that are handy, quick to find and can be used in many different situations.
  • Module 3 – Sharing Opinions: We get to have some fun and tell each other what we think. Opinions are easy to practice, and a fun set of messages to use that are unique to each person.
  • Module 4 – Complaining: Everyone will get to have a whine or complain about something. We will show you how to model complaints to your child/person, get you thinking about how often we actually do this, and the range of things that we complain about.
  • Module 5 – Requesting Actions: This module looks at using verbs (action words) to make requests for action, and the importance of these in our daily interactions.
  • Module 6 – Requesting Activities: We talk more about the importance of asking for things when you want them, rather than just when you have to do them.
  • Module 7 – Asking to go somewhere: We explore the messages we use to ask to go places. Sometimes they are common places and sometimes they are places that we can just have fun talking about.
  • Program Review: We review and summarise all of the learning areas within the program. We’ll take a look at how you are modelling in comparison to the start of the program, and celebrate the changes you’ve made through the process of practice and learning within The EXPAND Program.

Now it’s time to get started!

By completing the form below, I agree to the following:

I am aware that this program assumes at least an introductory knowledge of AAC and my child/person’s system.

I am aware that it is recommended that my child have an individualised system prior to taking part in this program.

I am aware that this program is copyrighted to Two Way Street and that I am not permitted to share or reproduce any of the content other than for my own personal use.

I am aware that successful participation in the program includes the following commitment from me:

  • Completion of the online questionnaire prior to starting the program.
  • Completion of each module and the recommended activities and practice in a timely fashion.
  • Completion of the 7 modules within the recommended 10 week timeframe.
  • Completion of the online questionnaire at the end of the program.

I agree to the cost of the program of $195 + GST to be invoiced to me. (Subject to guidelines from the Australian Taxation Office. Current clients of Two Way Street will not be charged GST)

Payment Options

Pay by Credit Card and get immediate access to The EXPAND Program


Elect to Pay by EFT where you will receive an invoice via email. Once the EFT Payment is confirmed you will granted access to The EXPAND Program.

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