In 2020, Two Way Street client Reagan started a small courier business. Affectionately known as ‘Ray’ amongst friends and family, Reagan’s business was cleverly named ‘DeliveRay’. Reagan is a fun-loving young man who is a big fan of long walks, chilling out watching YouTube and visiting the RSPCA with his Day Options program. Reagan communicates using body language, vocalisations, some key word sign and the Proloquo2Go application on an iPad. Proloquo2Go is a symbol based Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app for  iOS devices. You can find out more about Proloquo2Go via the Assistiveware website here

The idea for Reagan’s business started when Reagan’s family heard about the Community Living Project (CLP). A family friend had recently started a micro enterprise business with support from CLP. Reagan, his family, a team of volunteers and the Community Living Project met, created goals and a business plan. From there, a board member gave the project to his students, using their design brief to create a business logo. Following this, the family hired Henry, a Personal Assistant (PA). Henry went shopping for a uniform with Reagan and had an embroidery studio sew the logo on their shirts. Reagan’s mum created a flyer and visual supports for Reagan to assist with his new routine. Reagan’s long-term support worker Indianna also assisted in this process.

Reagan and his PA deliver goods every Friday to local businesses. This started with a hot cross bun delivery to a workplace and expanded from there. Reagan communicates using his iPad with Proloquo2Go, to interact with the community and form relationships with clients. Reagan greets staff/customers, introduces Henry (PA) and himself and shares information about DeliveRay’s Services by means of words and messages stored on his communication device. The flow on effect of this, has meant Reagan now greets people with greater independence during social outings. Henry has reported that people have been in awe of Reagan’s use of AAC and how positive it has been in sharing other forms of communication with people. Reagan recently commented that working with support worker Henry makes him feel “happy” and that his favourite part is saying “good morning” to his customers.

Reagan’s mum Chrissa and dad Garry recently shared that “Reagan is now at the stage where he eagerly gets up on a Friday, with a sense of purpose, puts on his uniform, then checks his morning schedule and marks off what he needs for work.  His PA reports back how super positive Reagan is during his interactions with the community and how proficient he is becoming using Proloquo2Go. As Reagan delivers on a Friday, every afternoon ends with Reagan and Henry having lunch together…usually at a pub. We love that Reagan and Henry have built a strong relationship and work well as a team and Reagan has work goals, creating a positive place in our community. Henry has also demonstrated a strong willingness to learn how to use Proloquo2Go and support Reagan”.

In 2021, Reagan and his family relocated meaning DeliveRay is still operating but on a smaller scale. Reagan and his team are now exploring new opportunities for his business. Well done to Reagan and his fantastic team, you are paving the way for people who use AAC in our community!