Whenever we can, we will share insights with you that give further detail about the work that we do, current trends, or things we have learnt that we think will be useful to you all.  It is certainly not our whole story, but lots of little snippets of it!  We hope you enjoy reading our insights.

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Inclusive Education insight article blog

Beyond the buzzwords – inclusive education

What does inclusive education look like when you commit to including every child? Building an inclusive learning environment is a commitment to recognising and addressing the diverse needs of...

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Insight article life after school transition tips

Life After School

Transition tips Most of us spend well over a decade of our younger lives at school. The transition from school to work, school to university – or to whatever...

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There's a conversation going on about the Voice referendum

Talking about the Voice to Parliament

On October 14th, the people of Australia will vote in a referendum. The question on the ballot paper is: “A Proposed Law: to alter the Constitution to recognise the...

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Margie Charlesworth, Communication Access Consultant. Finding my voice.

Finding my voice: A child’s journey with communication disability

By Margie Charlesworth I was born with Cerebral Palsy and grew up using my natural speech with what I like to call a ‘Cerebral Palsy accent’ (some of you...

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We see the back of a mother hugging a smiling child. Text reads 'Learn the foundations of emotional well-being'

How to help your little ones manage big emotions

When you’re little, emotions are big! Think back to when you were young. Did you throw an occasional tantrum? Did you have a bad day and go over it...

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How to use an Aided Language Display (ALD)

How to use an Aided Language Display

An Aided Language Display (ALD) is a strategy to enhance communication. ALDs are usually made specifically for a situation or activity. They can be used receptively or expressively. When...

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Representation Matters

Representation Matters

Why an accurate representation of differences in our world matters, especially to people living with disability. If you’re a white, middle-class male or female living without disability, you won’t...

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Talking about the important stuff

Talking about the important stuff!

A program that builds the capacity of children with complex communication needs and their key communication partners to have conversations that will improve their emotional well-being and self-advocacy skills....

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ATTACHMENT DETAILS AGOSCI-presentation_Holy-Grail-of-AAC.

The Holy Grail of AAC services

Creating bespoke services for people with CCN by design rather than the NDIS price guide. Presented by Janelle Sampson at the AGOSCI National Conference in Hobart on September 4-6,...