Whenever we can, we will share insights with you that give further detail about the work that we do, current trends, or things we have learnt that we think will be useful to you all.  It is certainly not our whole story, but lots of little snippets of it!  We hope you enjoy reading our insights.

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Using lists in PODD Communication Books

UPDATED September, 2023. This post is specifically about PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display) Communication Books (i.e. the non-electronic paper books) developed by Gayle Porter. Although other systems are also...

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A child's picture with the text

Don’t just accept it – Promote it

Recently, I’ve read and listened to alot about people’s views on inclusive education for children with disabilities. I am an advocate of mainstream schooling options for children with disabilities...

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Two Way Street schools

Back to school – but are you ready to talk about it?

Recently I attended a planning meeting for a client’s transition into a mainstream Reception class (the South Australian equivalent to Kindergarten). We talked alot about how to best prepare...

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Ollie swears by his venting sequence.

Even though he can’t say all of the words, Ollie can still swear to de-stress by using his Sequencing App We all know how good it feels to just...

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What’s trending in AAC – Join the ‘Say “I love you” campaign’!

                Ok, so I think ‘more than 1’ could be described as a trend. Well at least that’s how it feels this week. As a result of this...

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Christmas Ideas for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Apologies to those who thought I may be a regular blogger. It’s just not the case for many reasons – we all just do what we can fit in....

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Adding movies to your Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) system

Using iPads for communication is a hot topic at the moment and so a good place to start. About month ago, I co-presented a pre-conference workshop at the AGOSCI...