School workshops

Two Way Street can tailor a workshop to meet the specific needs of your school. Some examples of popular workshops for schools include:

  • Using PODDs within the school environment (a series of 3 hour workshops)
  • Using iPads to support communication
  • Communication in the classroom
  • Making your organisation communication accessible
  • Good communication for people who use AAC
  • Parent workshops for schools.

Let us help you

Services, programs and groups are developed based on needs identified by our client base. Contact us to suggest new programs, partnerships or models of service delivery.

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Roadmap of Communicative Competence

Two Way Street is affiliated with the Roadmap of Communicative Competence (ROCC), a tool to identify, plan and implement communication change among your school’s students.

The ROCC acts like a roadmap to create a shared understanding for your school around 10 key domains of communication. You can use the ROCC to track progress of your students across time, or you can use it to compare the scores for different scenarios. 

The ROCC can be used to assist educators to create goals and objectives for achievable next steps along the continuum towards communicative competence at an individual, group or whole site level.

Learn more at the ROCC website.