Two Way Street provide services for both children and adults in the Adelaide area, with a particular focus on intervention for people with disabilities, including those with little or no speech (complex communication needs).

We provide individual and group services as well as workshops, training and consultation to agencies. We are also able to provide resources to support communication (e.g. communication boards, PODDs (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display communication books, etc).


  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) systems including PODD (Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display) communication books.
  • iPads and iPods (mobile devices) for communication
  • Speech generating devices
  • Speech development for those with little or no speech
Podd collection

We have a strong focus on enhancing the participation of people with speech, language and communication difficulties. We are also particularly determined to ensure that our services ‘fit’ with our clients, their families and wider communities. Our primary focus is to support people with complex communication needs to meet their goals and to play an active role within their families and communities. Our approach to communication is based around a motivation to ensure that a communication difficulty does not prevent someone from expressing their own thoughts, opinions and preferences.

As our name implies, successful communication is a two way street and so we are interested in programs and opportunities that support the development of skills, knowledge and awareness of communication partners, as well as address changes that may be required for communication accessibility. Where possible we will actively respond to needs identified by our clients or others to ensure communication access for all. We encourage feedback, suggestions and requests for new programs or approaches to meet the needs of people with complex communication needs within South Australia.

Two Way Street is registered to provide services for children eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

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