“Being able to say what I want to say,
to whoever I want to say it to,
whenever I want to say it.”

Gayle Porter, Developer of PODD

PODD service overview

Our PODD service, available to Allied Health Professionals, offers:

  • Professional consultation to establish your client’s individual needs
  • PODD selection aligned to your client’s language and access requirements
  • Creation and delivery of a personalised, professionally printed PODD communication book
  • Online learning, training and resources to build knowledge and confidence using your PODD.

There are many different types of PODDs and we will work with you to determine the PODD best suited to your client. 

These are some of the PODDS we create at Two Way Street:

Generic PODDs

These are not personalised for the client and include the template PODD instructions in the cells, which explain where added vocabulary should go for the PODD to work best. 

Uses for generic PODDs

  • Great for therapy kits
  • Trial before committing to a more expensive, personalised version
  • Back up to a primary PODD or electronic AAC device

Personalised PODDs

These can be on a scale from simply modified up to a very personally detailed PODD. Our PODD team will work with you to create a bespoke PODD just for you.

Types of personalisations

  • Schools, places, people, favourite activities and food
  • Common language or phrases unique to your family
  • PODD cover colours and accessories

Alternate access PODDs

We offer specialised PODDs prescribed by a Speech Pathologist for individuals requiring alternate access methods to communicate.

Alternate access PODDs

  • Auditory-only: for clients with vision impairment/blindness
  • High Contrast: to assist with vision related issues, or trouble focusing on multi-coloured symbols
  • Eye-gaze: for clients with movement limited to eye-movement only

Let us help you

Services, programs and groups are developed based on needs identified by our client base. Contact us to suggest new programs, partnerships or models of service delivery.

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