How to use an Aided Language Display

How to use an Aided Language Display (ALD)

An Aided Language Display (ALD) is a strategy to enhance communication. ALDs are usually made specifically for a situation or activity. They can be used receptively or expressively. When using an ALD receptively, pointing to the symbols adds information as you talk to someone so they are better able to understand you. When it’s used expressively, you offer the ALD to someone who may benefit from symbols to augment their communication and they could use it as they talk to you.

Usually, an ALD is used both receptively and expressively during a conversation, and quite often this is in conjunction with a person’s communication system. If the person doesn’t have a communication system with them, or if they mostly communicate with speech, sign or body language, the ALD can be a great way to enhance messages specific to the situation or activity.

To use the ALD, hold it where the person can see it. Ensure the ALD is clearly visible and available, or offer it to people as they approach. Point to the symbols as you say your message, and say aloud their message when they point to the symbols. If someone is using the ALD expressively, show them that you’re listening and use the symbols on the ALD during your response. People can choose not to use the ALD. Always honour the individual’s preferences.

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