How to set goals and prepare for NDIS Participant Check-In

Recent changes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are aiming to make things easier for participants. With these changes, come differences to the systems we’re all accustomed to. It’s important to be aware of how these changes may affect you and what you can do to be prepared. 

As we move towards longer plan duration and fewer meetings with the NDIA, you will notice new terminology and processes regarding your plan. 

What has changed with the 2022 NDIS legislation amendments

What was previously known as a ‘plan review’ will now be called a ‘plan reassessment’. Your review date will remain as-is. To ensure participants aren’t left without services, all plans that reach their reassessment date without a reassessment being completed will be automatically extended by 12 months.

You will continue to receive Participant Check-In calls from the NDIA to discuss your wellbeing, your goals and the support you need. These calls will determine whether you need:

  • A new plan with the same supports
  • A new plan with minor changes to your current supports
  • A full plan reassessment

While likely to be towards the end of your plan duration, we’ve heard that the Participant Check-In call can happen at any time, and possibly with very little notice. This highlights the need to be prepared, with your goals and budget in mind.

You can now request a ‘plan variation’ at any time. This means, in some circumstances, you can make changes to your plan without needing to replace the entire current plan. The aim here is to speed up the process for accessing new supports. 

You can read the full information shared by the NDIS on 30 June 2022. This is how the NDIS has outlined the process for changing your plan.

Our recommendations in preparation for your participant check-in

Here are some of our recommendations to ensure you’re prepared and won’t need to wait for access to new supports: 

  • Schedule some time with your Speech Pathologist to discuss communication progress. Talk through your goals and your Speechie can provide advice on which supports might suit your development best. We can also prepare a letter of recommendation to support your requests if needed. 
  • Have the Two Way Street Resources Price List on hand so you’re prepared to share the costs of any supports you may need
  • Consider upskilling yourself or anyone in your support network with online learning from Two Way Street. Plan funding covers online learning costs to allow for ‘reasonable and necessary support’ to help you participate in the community
  • Keep a running list on your phone or on the fridge with ideas, challenges or funding requests so that you are ready if you receive a Check-In call with short notice. Our team will also flag ideas as they come up during our sessions. Download the Participant Check-In List from Two Way Street to help you prepare.

How can we fund services and resources from Two Way Street?

The work we do helps people meet their daily communication needs, and therefore, funding for most Two Way Street services comes from ‘Capacity Building Supports’ and funding for communication resources may come from the ‘Core Supports’ part of your plan. We recommend discussing which Support Budget to use to claim for services with your Support Coordinator, Plan Manager or directly with the NDIS.

Key points to remember:

  • The NDIA has 21 days to respond to a request for variation or reassessment
  • It is a requirement that every variation to an NDIS plan is prepared with the participant – no changes can be made without you
  • When your plan is within 7 days of its reassessment date, it is automatically extended for another 365 days
  • The participant check-in process will continue to focus on meaningful conversation with participants and will be a key indicator as to how your plan will change in the future

It can be frustrating when things change and just knowing where to look for the right information can be half the battle. We hope this article has helped with your next steps to ensure successful changes to your plan at your next variation or reassessment.

We’re here to be your teacher, your ally and your cheer squad – even for the maze that is the NDIS. Please reach out if you need any further information on accessing the resources and services you need from us.

We share and we listen. It’s a Two Way Street.