Grid 3 with PODD: Programming Like a Pro

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About this course

Get confident with programming PODD for Grid 3 for great conversations with access to all the words your child, client or student needs. 

This course will provide you with: 

  • An overview of the ‘Grid 3’ application, including the types of PODD pagesets available 
  • How to set up the Grid 3 with PODD
  • Adding vocabulary to your pageset 
  • Creating pop-ups and pages 
  • Getting creative with programming

Who is this course for?

Suitable for parents, educators, service providers, support workers and anyone who supports someone who uses Grid 3 with PODD on a designated speech device.

Expected Outcomes

  •  Confidence setting up Grid 3 with PODD.
  • The ability to add words, pop-ups and pages as well as link between grids.
  • Inspiration and ideas for PODD page sets.


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