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In only 10 weeks time, you will be…
– more confident,
– more capable and
– more inspired to chat with AAC!

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7 modules will be provided to you in the online learning tool across the 10 week program

  • Each module will focus on a different aspect of modelling and having great conversations with AAC
  • The online learning tool will p​​​rovide you with structured activities to follow and worksheets to complete
  • S​​​​hort instructional videos that you can watch at a time that suits you, will cover the theory behind those activities
  • Videos of AAC modelling examples on a variety of AAC systems will help you learn the pathways and find words faster
  • You’ll receive plenty of cool resources to stick on your fridge or around your house as reminders to keep you motivated
  • Each module will include a self-review section to reflect on your learning and celebrate your effort
  • Regular reminders will be sent to keep you on track and moving through the program
  • During an intensive 10 week program you will create powerful habits to last a lifetime