The Disability Inclusion Act 2018 (SA) requires all State authorities to develop a DAIP, report on them annually and review them every four years. Inclusive SA provides further information on South Australia’s whole-of-government approach to creating meaningful change.

Two Way Street has a strong reputation in supporting individuals with communication challenges. We can assist you to ensure that your business is not only meeting its access and inclusion requirements, but also making a difference for your customers and helping to bring about positive change for South Australians with disability.

Is your DAIP available in Easy English?

When given the option to review a document in plain text versus Easy English with symbol support, most choose the latter. Easy English is an inclusive way of presenting written communication to ensure that it is accessible to a wide range of people, including those who may have communication challenges.

Two Way Street runs regular Easy English workshops – check here for availability (workshop page link) – or contact us to discuss booking an in-house workshop for your organisation.

Let’s start a conversation about how you can become communication accessible

Communication Access aims to create a world where people who have communication difficulties are able to communicate successfully with everyone.

For Communication Access services outside of South Australia, please contact Scope’s Communication and Inclusion Resource Centre:
Phone: 03 9843 2000

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Two Way Street dedicates our work toward Communication Access to the memory of Ryan Bright – our friend and colleague who would be extremely proud that we are continuing this work.